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The new quarter turn valves project

The new quarter turn valves project

To celebrate the manufacture of the 2 000 000th butterfly valve, INOXPA is launching a new and updated quarter turn valve project to market, continuing the strategy of innovating and advancing the design, functionality and quality of the entire product range. 

This project comprises the new butterfly valves and ball valves, pneumatic actuator and smart control unit C-TOP S.

· The new butterfly valve A480/A490 stands out for its updated design both internally and externally. Internal improvements have been made to the seal materials and design to ensure ideal housing and the perfect sealing, along with a reduction in torque, and longer durability and performance reliability.

The development of the new valve has been based on a thorough study of the hygienic design, considering the materials of the components and seals (3A certified), the finish and type of surfaces, easy access to the components, the total drainage capacity, the watertightness, and its cleanability. Every aspect considered was based on EHEDG certification standards.

The aim of this hygienic design is to provide many benefits, including installation cost savings, shorter cycles and fewer cleaning products, resulting in more time for production, spare parts with a longer service life, and less environmental pollution due to lower water and cleaning product consumption.

Externally, the actuator fitting has been modified, with a new support, which through its design and anchor points, reduces 7 different models to one, with the subsequent benefits for both manufacturing and stock.

· The internal design of the new ball valve A640 has been improved, with no external changes, other than the new holes for the new support.

The seal housing inside the valve has been redesigned, improving and extending seal durability, while fitting the ball better and maintaining torque throughout the valve’s useful life, improving its reliability.

Both the DIN and OD sizes enable the use of product recovery pigging systems. 

· The new pneumatic actuator goes from two (one without control head and another readied for control head) to one model with a supplement for installing control units. This simplifies selection and improves stock options. Internally, the design and components have been improved, enabling the smallest of the three available sizes to expand their range of use up to DN50 and 2 inch valves. The double-acting actuator option remains available. 

· The C-TOP S is a new generation control unit with a new compact design, with 360º visual status indication, and the latest technological advances, enabling faster and more intuitive automatic configuration, with a significant reduction in installation times.

The connections have also been improved, with the additional “multipin” option and its new linear sensor ensuring a perfect detection of valve shaft movements.

The C-TOP S is available in standard digital and AS-I versions and is also compatible with the diaphragm valves and seat valves manufactured by INOXPA. The seat valves experience major evolution with this control unit, given its quick installation and improved functionality.

Collectively, this program represents major progress in terms of updating and upgrading the valve range, derived from listening to customer needs and the need to apply the latest technological advances and hygiene requirements, improving the reliability and durability of all these components.


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