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Re-manufacturing of components

Re-manufacturing of components

Remanufacturing of components comes with significant benefits, as it helps to extend equipment’s useful life. Additionally, remanufacturing returns the used part to its initial characteristics and best possible functionality.  

Remanufacturing is also ideal for renewing old models. Installing new options with newer certificates is useful for obtaining an updated version, in accordance with the current regulatory requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Remanufacturing involves inspecting, repairing, and updating the components, and if necessary, replacing parts that have become worn through use or over time.

The technical support team follows a strict methodology when diagnosing, evaluating, remanufacturing and testing ‏ the components.

A specialised diagnosis

INOXPA's remanufacturing of components first involves evaluating each part. At this point, the components are disassembled and analysed precisely and in detail. The customer receives a quote within around 48 hours of completion of this process.

Why re-manufacture?

- Savings compared to buying a new component

- Returns functionality

- Components are 100% tested prior to dispatch

- Components are returned under warranty

The process

- Material condition declaration and acceptance of the diagnostic quote

- Disassembly and evaluation

- Acceptance of the remanufacturing quote

- Inspection and replacement of worn parts

- Remanufacturing of hydraulic parts

- Test bench

 The quote incurs a cost of €70, which will be discounted on acceptance or purchase of new equipment. Once the quote is approved after diagnosis, we proceed with the remanufacturing of the component.

If the quote is rejected, the component is returned to the customer disassembled and without being repaired.  INOXPA will not bear any expense for return transportation unless specifically requested and included in the quote.

A quote will not be prepared if the equipment is not provided with a material condition declaration (Directive 89/391/EEC).


- Remanufactured components come with a 6-month warranty

- Installation of original spare parts

- More options can be added to the component (for new applications)

- The possibility of updating old models (parts with current certificates and accreditations)

- Fixed prices. On receipt of the quote, INOXPA's price will not be subject to any change.

The INOXPA warranty

The remanufacturing process completes with factory testing and the delivery of the component to the customer. The remanufactured component is returned under warranty from INOXPA. Supplied parts are under warranty for one year for manufacturing defects or faulty materials. The repair warranty covers a period of 6 months. 

Our sales network is worldwide, with over one hundred distribution points. With the aim of offering solutions that adapt to all our customers' needs, we offer technical support services: replacement of seals and gaskets, technical user training, etc.

Looking for a customised diagnosis for component remanufacturing? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us! 

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