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INOXPA Solutions for Juice Production

INOXPA Solutions for Juice Production

Juice is a most common beverage consumed by all age and sex groups of people subject to their choice of taste. It is the most served beverage across the world due to the health or instant refreshment. Generally the juice is classified into two main categories:

Natural Juice:  The juice which extracted from fresh, healthy and ripe fruits.

Flavored/ Artificial Juice: The juice in which is prepared by mixing of color and flavored additives.

Due to advancement in technology of juice production, beverage industry produces and offers the customer a packaged natural extracted juice which can be stored for long without compromising the quality.  The pasteurization method is widely practiced by the beverage industry to process the juice for long storage. This adoption of technology results in tilting of consumer more towards buying of natural juice comparatively to other beverages because of their health benefits.

Although, the method for juice production may vary in industries but the general processing for juice production is given below:

  1. Washing and sorting of fruits
  2. Extraction of juice
  3. Straining, filtration and clarification of juice
  4. Blending and pasteurization
  5. Filling, sealing and sterilization of juice
  6. Cooling, labeling and packing of juice.

INOXPA offers solutions to its renowned customers in beverage industry from many years for the applications of juice production and consequently received good appreciation from them.

INOXPA offers the following equipment o beverage industry for juice production:


In juice production, most applications require centrifugal pumps, therefore we offer such models as Prolac HCP, Hyginox SE and Estampinox EFI pumps to transfer the extracted juice. Sometimes, if the juice extracted is of high or medium viscosity then we tend to offer our rotary lobe pump SLR which is ideally designed to handle thick liquid.


Depending on the juice type and its production process, manufacturers often require solutions for mixing of color, flavor and other additives and therefore our blender models such as horizontal blender and vertical blender are used for mixing/ blending during the process.


Pasteurization is the most important method practiced by beverage industry for application of juice production and therefore we offer the pasteurization solution to our customer for long storage of the juice.


Our filter ranges such as Angular, Straight and Y-type filter is most popular among the industry in successful filtering the undue particles available in the extracted juice.


For more information, please contact us at inoxpaindia.sales@inoxpa.com !

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