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Sugar solution

Sugar solution

Sugar usually consumed in Sucrose (table sugar) form which is a composition of glucose and fructose. Sugar has broad applications in industries such as food processing, dairy, beverages and in pharmaceuticals. 

There are numerous food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical products that are either enriched with sugar or need sugar for their preparation, for example, jams, sweet yoghurts, flavored milks, canned juices, chocolates, syrups, etc.  Sugar syrup is the most common form to be used by the industry for production of the above given products.

Sugar syrup is the solution prepared by mixing of sugar into water and therefore it will be available in the form of liquid. Preparation of sugar solution is complex in nature and can form lumps if not properly handled while mixing of the content. The other challenge faced by the industry is to prepare the solution according to the hygienic standards established by FDA. Hence, the industry always requires equipment solutions for production of sugar solution with high level of hygiene.

INOXPA is a pioneer in manufacturing of equipment solutions for sugar syrup preparation and our product is 100% hygienically proven. We have offered our sugar syrup solution to a large number of clients and received overwhelmed response from them.

Blender M226/M440 and table blenders MM are the perfect solution for preparation of sugar syrup. The main features of the blender are sanitary design, simple and versatile assembly for quick and homogenous mixing of a great variety of solids without contact with the air, standard hopper, clamp connection for quick assembly and disassembly, etc. which effectively prepare the solution without forming lumps. In the case, that there are some solid particles or the product has lumps, our table blenders can be provided with a high shear in-line mixer to improve the quality of the finished product and remove lumps. A high shear mixer can also be installed after a blender M226/M440. INOXPA blender is available with several options: switchboard, sensors, and vibrators for effective control on the blending.

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