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Sanitary Impeller Pump - RF

Sanitary Impeller Pump - RF

Industries such as Food, Dairy & Beverages are sensitive in nature as they directly consumed by human and directly affect their health. Therefore the production in these industries are very crucial and precautionary measures always been taken by the production house such as installation of the hygienic equipment, quality of the raw material, clean environment and other basic norms stipulated by FDA.

Transfer pump is the most commonly used equipment for fluid transfer in Food; Dairy & Beverages and so on requires hygienic solution to avoid any impurity.

INOXPA manufacture sanitary pump for all industrial need like transfer of dairy products, beverages like juice and lime water etc.

Sanitary flexible impeller pump RF is an ideal pump by INOXPA with an added advantage of reversible and self priming feature.

Flexible impeller pump is a positive displacement pump with having a flexible impeller (made up of rubber) with vanes. The impeller of pumps allows entering the liquid into pump housing and discharges it through the discharge port at a constant flow. Due to the eccentric shape of the pump housing, a vacuum is created in the suction side that enlarges the volume between the blades and this causes the production suction.

The rotor is spinning and the product is carried from the suction side to that of delivery. Due to the eccentric shape of the pump housing, in the discharge side the blades bend, reducing the volume between them and causing the discharge of the product.

INOXPA flexible impeller pump RF is designed to pump products of both low and high viscosity as well as materials containing particles or gases. INOXPA flexible pumps are reversible and self-priming and can suction from a maximum height of 5 meters.


Applications of Flexible Impeller Pump


Milk collection from the tank.

Transfer of Cream & cheese cottage.

Transfer of jam, marmalade, custard etc.

Preparation of edible oil.

Transfer of wine for further processing & bottling.

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