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Mixproof Seat Valves

Mixproof Seat Valves

MixProof seat valves manufactured by INOXPA are designed to cater for the food-processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

MixProof seat valves are installed in production lines where multiple production batches are running at the same time. This system allows for the simultaneous processes in the two bodies of the valve by providing interface between the two fluids, preventing the possibility of product contamination.

INOXPA offers 2 types of MixProof seat valve, depending on the application:

  1. Mixpoof Cavity Spray
  2. Mixproof Seat Lift


MixProof Cavity Spray Valve is hygienic double seal valve, its major advantage is that the leakage chamber and the leakage detector can be cleaned by "cavity spray".

Mixproof Seat Lift Valve  is a completely hygienic double sealing valve. The cleaning of the leakage chamber and detector is carried out by “seat lifting system”.

Depending on the client’s requirements, INOXPA designs manifolds with MixProof valves for use in the food-processing, dairy and beverage industries.


Applications of Mixproof Seat Valves

  • Preparation of ghee.
  • Preparation of buttermilk.
  • Preparation of edible oil.
  • Preparation of milk.
  • Preparation of juice & other beverages.


For more information on product, please feel free to contact us on inoxpaindia.sales@inoxpa.com !

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