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Melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate

Melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular food type and flavours consumed all around the world. Chocolate is popular at all age group and gender and consumed by many ways such as chocolate moulded, chocolate milk shake, hot chocolate etc. People can also use this for gifts in expression of their happiness and gratitude at festivities.


Indian chocolate market is estimated to INR 3000 crores whereas the organized confectionary market is around to INR 2000 crores and growing at the rate of 15% annually.  This statistics shows that how chocolate is popular and demands keep arising in the country.


INOXPA have been manufacturing equipment for decades and understands this huge potential of the industry and offers customized solutions to large and small scale industries to access the market efficiently with profitably.


INOXPA manufacture wide variety of equipments designed for the preparation and production of chocolates such as Rotary Lobe Pump, Table Blender and Mixers. In addition to this, INOXPA offer integral customized solutions for production of chocolates.


One such instance of our customer who is using INOXPA Skids for their chocolate manufacturing process is given below:


It is a multinational company and a producer of food products. They required a complete solution for melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate.


INOXPA understood the requirement of our customer and after analysis designed a complete production line for the process of melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate to the vat where energy bars are dipped.


The flow chart of the assembly line draws from a process to start melting the chocolate chips in a melting tank. The melting tank is installed with a heating jacket and controlled by a modulating valve to regulate the temperature and prevents from burning. From there, the product is sent to the preparation tank, where the load cells control the addition of salt and almond paste. As soon the process completes, it is sent to the storage tank that feeds the dipping vat with the product that previously passes through a loop.

The whole production line is jacketed, warm water prevents product cooling.

The installation is also equipped with an automated product recovery unit (SilPig) and an automated CIP unit.

The automation of the process is performed with a control system formed by a PLC and a touch screen (HMI), manufactured by Allen Bradley.

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