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Equipment for Powder-liquid Mixing

Equipment for Powder-liquid Mixing

Powder-liquid mixing is a common application in dairy, food-processing, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Either we talk about dissolution of sugar powder in liquid in production of sugar syrup, mix of liquid or powdered additives in juice production, or introduction of powdered ingredient into liquid, all these applications requires sanitary equipment that ensures the quality of the final product.

INOXPA is a leading brand in manufacturing of fluid handling equipment for various applications for the food processing, dairy, beverages, pharmaceutical industries. Our solutions comprise of pumps, mixing equipment, valves, filters, fittings and skids which effectively controls and manages the fluid across the production processes in a wide range of applications.

INOXPA is specialised in manufacturing of food-grade and sanitary mixing equipment which efficiently disperses powder into liquid.

Here are the details of the INOXPA blenders used for powder-liquid mixing:


Horizontal blender MH-20/ MH-26

Horizontal blender MH-20 / MH-26 is a blender designed and manufactured by INOXPA. This blender ensures the desired final quality of the product. The horizontal blender is a compact solution for the dissolution of powder products into a circulating liquid. The unit is limited to the suction of small amount of solids as the blender has no table for bags and the hopper is smaller than that of the table blender.


Vertical blender M-226 / M-440

The vertical blender basically consists of a casing and a centrifugal pump impeller which are mounted vertically. The liquid enters the mixing chamber at a high speed, thereby creating a vacuum at the centre of the impeller, which causes the suction of the solids. The fall of the solids can be regulated by means of a valve situated at the bottom of the hopper.


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