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Blender M-226/ M-440

Blender M-226/ M-440

Mixing process is widely practiced and observed by many of us in our daily lives in home or in industry whereas selection of mixing equipment differs and depends upon the products characteristics. Food-processing, dairy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry use wide variety of mixing equipments according to the application requirement for their productions.

INOXPA offers tailored mixing solutions to the food-processing, dairy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Powder blender is one such solution by INOXPA used to mix powder ingredients in liquids for production of various food, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

The blender is hygienically designed according to the international standards for sanitary applications in the industry. The major advantage of the blender design offers quick assembly due to clamp connection and easy cleaning. High quality raw materials are used for manufacturing of the blender which gives effective mixing of solid with liquid without contact with the air.


These are some applications of powder blender M226/ M440 in food processing, dairy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics:

  • Preparation of sugar syrup, sorbitol, glucose, lactose and derivatives.
  • Reconstitution of powdered milk.
  • Dissolution of cocoa and/or sugar in milk.
  • Reconstitution of powdered whey.
  • Preparation of flour and starch slurries.
  • Preparation of brines.
  • Pre-mixtures of yogurt and other milk-based desserts.
  • Dissolution of bentonites for wine filtering.
  • Dissolution of casein and caseinates in the cheese-making industry.
  • Preparation of pesticides and fertilizers.

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